Hi! Aragorn Jones here. My dad needed a name for the Shield of Destiny logo. It’s a fantasy, action-adventure book series that he wrote with my uncle Charles. He asked me if I had any ideas. Because the logo represents the four points of magic, I thought the name should reference magic as well. I looked through a whole bunch of names and found the word GALDUR, which means magic in Icelandic. He loved it! He thought it had the right look and meaning. I also told him it would be awesome if he put the GALDUR symbol on t-shirts, hats and beanies … and I could be his brand ambassador by rockin’ the merch. He started laughing and asked me “what are you The Merch MOGUL?” and I said yes, yes I am. We liked the name The Merch MOGUL and it stuck. Now I’m The Merch MOGUL.

We started out with one brand and now several brands later, The Merch MOGUL has become a hub for streetwear merchandise. We believe that you’re a HERO and every HERO, needs a costume.