(Bk 1) Quest For Elderstone


Through a daring rescue by Corwyn Du’Serradyn, a young Oslyn cadet from the Glass Tower, Velladriana escapes her tormentors. A strange attraction now links the two of them together, and their destinies intertwine as Corwyn finds himself unwittingly appointed to protect Velladriana, whose mystical powers can either save the future of humankind or destroy it. However, they must first take a long and dangerous journey in search of the enchanted Mount Elderstone.

With the peak of the 1000-year magical Caredon Cycle almost upon them, the power of darkness battle against time as they plot to dominate all the Strands of the Magics and conquer the world of the living. Their mighty Lord Cartigas, knows they grow weaker as their otherworldly power consumes their mortal souls. Only in finding the PRIDE and fulfilling the ancient prophecy will their goal of domination be reached.

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